Our Useful Products section is what it says on the can! We offer a wide selection of the latest ideas for home lighting, DIY convenience and travel accessories that together make life just a bit easier. We have searched only for products which made us say out loud ‘That’s Useful’ and we would want to own ourselves! All products are of the highest quality, robust designs and are only showcased if they fulfil our high standards of excellence. We hope you enjoy our ever increasing selection of really useful items to aid your lifestyle practicality.

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Folding Bike Lock

Bicycles, Electric Bikes and Motorbikes are definitely a considered purchase, so a sturdy, robust and portable bike lock is...

QI Charger

Our Wireless Charging Station is compatible with most Smartphones currently on the market.  Before purchasing, just check...

Waterproof Matches

When you are off on your camping trip you probably won’t think about using special ‘Camping’ matches will you? But try...