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Which of our range best suits shed lighting?

The garden shed is where few people have power. Now you can easily light up your shed with EasyFit long life bright battery lighting. Light up the shed and the approach with Mr Beams lights.

Battery powered, motion activated shed lights

Fitting a spotlight externally to the shed will guide your way during the dark hours. More importantly how many times have you scrabbled in dark corners trying to find ‘that something’ in the shed’? Mr Beams shed lighting now has the solution, whether it is the Ultrabright 300 lumen light with either movement sensor or the manually switched version available. Although called a ceiling light, is equally happy at home on the wall. Shed lights – Done!

  • No power in your shed?

    Now you can have light so simply with Mr Beams Shed Lights. Bright lights that can be ceiling or wall mounted.

  • Have the approach to your shed lit as well

    Mr Beams has a range of products that will not only brightly light up the inside of your shed but will also provide a pathlight to your shed.

  • Motion activated LED shed lights that fit discreetly

    Our motion actived, aesthetically pleasing range will seamlessly complement your shed and garden. No more cursing!

Product Reviews

“I initially bought one of these lights to replace a halogen main spotlight but a bit further away from the house (a garden shed) as i didn’t want to run allot of power cable and I expected it to be like a torch, not very bright and not very good but boy, was i proved wrong. Its got a huge field of view for sensing movement and its so bright, easily enough to light up my dining room and living room at night. So far I have ordered another two so my shed (and the path to the shed) is completely lit up and i can get most the way round my house at night with”

Ben Jackson

“Brilliant, literally. Very bright when needed and if situated in the correct place it does a really good job in lighting up quite a large area. Definately, recommend this for anyone who does not have power and needs to be able to light up a small room. My husband has put his in a shed sized 7ft x 7ft and its very bright.”