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Baton Light


The quick and easy way to have a lovely warm light wherever and whenever you need it.  No electrician necessary for this simple and stylish portable light.  Choose to have it in the ‘on’ mode or ‘motion sensor’ mode for perfect readable light.

  • Installation is super easy
  • Rechargeable just like your mobile phone
  • Eco-friendly hand crafted wood
  • Smart Sensor
  • No expensive electrician required
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We were all extremely impressed with the new Baton Light.  There is so much to say about this little powerful light but we’ll try to keep it short!

You think you know your way around your home in the dark, but you can’t help but stumble and feel the walls to find the light switch. Well, not anymore because the Baton Light is the solution to not only motion sensor lighting but also the perfect portable warm light that is very kind on the eyes and easy to read by.

As soon as you take this light out of its box you will recognise quality and craftmanship.  There are only 3 steps to brightening your home.  First, charge your Baton Light like you would any mobile phone, saving money on batteries. The charge takes 2 hours for full performance. This charge will last for 2 months in Sensor mode, and about 8 hours in the continuous ‘on’ mode.  Second, attach the 3M self adhesive base anywhere you want. Third, approach the light within a radius of 4 metres and the light will automatically come on, turning off after 15 seconds.

The magnets in the base hold the light tube in its special groove, or you can detach the light tube and take it with you wherever you need it. There are 3 modes to choose from.  On – the light will stay on – perfect if you want to read or study – just stand the light on one end and you will have the loveliest warm light to read by.  Off – well that’s off and will save use.  Motion sensor – as mentioned above will activate when sensing movement.

Installation is so easy.  No need for expensive electricians, no screws, no hammers, no stressful landlords!  Simply stick your Baton Light where light is needed and enjoy ultimate illumination with the convenience to match.

Using it as a portable light is very convenient in power cuts or can be used as a flashlight for any dark corners or cupboards.  Using as a wall light is a very stylish way of adding a modern addition to your home. Place one in the bathroom, so there is no need to put bright mains lighting on, not only blinding you when you’re bleary eyed but waking your partner too! Placed in large cupboards, wardrobes it allows you to see everything as soon as you open the door. We have placed ours in our porch, so now when we come home in the dark, we can see the keyhole – stylish to look at and oh so practical.

The handcrafted wooden handle made from Ash is so well made and the least amount of plastic has been used to give a truly environmentally friendly accessory.

This has quickly become one of our favourite products, a real ‘That’s Clever’ high achiever and we are sure you’ll love it too.  We’d love to see photos of places you have found to use yours!

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