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Glow in the Dark Safety Tape


This 20mm Glow in the Dark Safety Tape is designed to help users easily find things in the dark. After exposure to light, the tape will illuminate for 10 hours. Self adhesive backing will stick to most surfaces.

  • Helps users to find things easily after dark
  • 20mm wide
  • 3 metres roll length
  • Light will last 10 hours each night
  • Self adhesive backing – easily stick to most surfaces

Whilst not being the most sophisticated subject, sometimes the practical stuff can really make a difference to someone’s life. Using this Glow in the Dark Safety Tape could actually help highlight trip and slip hazards and draw attention to potential safety risks in darker spaces.

This tape is so easy to use.  Just simply cut and peel back the self adhesive protective backing and stick down to most surfaces in and around the home.  So simple to place on stair treads and other changes in floor level. You could use to highlight positions of light switches, alarm clocks, glasses case or telephone.  The list is positively endless.

With its 3 metres of length, and 20mm width, there is more than enough to spot potential risks and to highlight them.  After exposure to light whether it is natural or artificial, this tape will illuminate for 10 hours every night.

We tried this out with our elderly neighbour who has had a few falls recently.  We placed the tape on the wooden side panels of the stairs – this highlighted them perfectly so she could see all the stairs clearly.  She feels much more confident now which is peace of mind for all.

Very convenient to use too in communal areas, especially when light bulbs fail and the landlord or caretaker hasn’t gotten around to replacing them yet.

So simple, cut, peel and stick!  What could be easier – a fast way to help avoid nasty falls or just make seeing in the dark a little bit easier.  Have fun sticking!!


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