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Easy To Carry Hot Cup Holder


It is a cup holder with a difference.  Its design means that it is difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it.  You can swing it and the drink stays in the mug!  This is particularly useful for carrying hot drinks, glasses and small bowls.

  • Easily and safely carry hot drinks
  • Lightweight with an anti-slip coaster
  • Coaster can be removed and used to protect surfaces
  • Coaster doubles as a jar opener
  • Clever physics are behind this brilliant invention

It has a curved plastic body with a non-slip platform for cups and glasses, and a woven nylon handle that you can slip your hand into.  The handle prevents you from applying lateral force to the liquid in the cup, so this in effect prevents the liquid from spilling.

This design is the perfect solution for anyone with unsteady or trembling hands and is in fact a safe secure way to carry any hot liquid and helps to prevent possible scalding.  This would also make the perfect gift for anyone with a love of Science!   The unique design of this simple but effective invention means it ‘absorbs’ the inertia and keeps the level of the liquid stable.  Obviously, it is always best to test the limits of this little device outside with a few practice sessions but used with caution and common sense you will be amazed and pleased with this simple but ingenious device.


It has a removable non-slip coaster which sits neatly in the design. Once you have carried your hot drink to your seat, all ready for your morning coffee, simply remove the heat resistant coaster and place it down on your table to protect your surface.

The coaster can also be used as a jar opener if you struggle with gripping tightly sealed jars.

Measurements:  7.5” tall, 6.25” widest point, 4.5” base for mug.


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