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Security Lights

Effective, intelligent outdoor lighting is one of the best security measures you can have to protect your home and discourage intruders. Our range of EasyFit security lighting provides the perfect security solution, ensuring your home remains protected whether you are home or away, giving you important reassurance and peace of mind.  Installed anywhere in minutes.

Security Lights

All our security lights are battery-powered, providing up to 12-months of battery life based on an average of 8 activations a night. Easy to install and not requiring any expensive, complicated wiring or building work, our lights can be easily attached to any surface in just minutes. This gives you instant, effective, hassle-free security lighting for your home and outdoor area.

Further maximising your security, our innovative networking technology enables up to 50 individual lights around your home to be connected. This means if one security lamp is triggered, all your lights will come on together, maximising your security and clearly illuminating any unwanted guests. Featuring motion and darkness sensors that detect movement up to 6m away, your lights will automatically switch off 30-seconds after the last movement has been detected. This optimises battery life and prevents lights from staying on unnecessarily.

Our popular Ultra Bright Spotlight provides a massive 400 lumens of light. Capable of illuminating an area measuring 30m², this durable, weatherproof light is perfect for UK homes and gardens. Effective, quality security is everyone’s right. No matter your requirements or size of home, our innovative, affordable, easy-to-install best security lights will instantly improve your home’s security. To learn more, simply call us on (0)1684 607005 or email us at [email protected].

  • Home protection that is simple to install

    The motion sensor on Mr Beams lights will detect movement and remain on for as long as there is movement in the area. Any unwanted guests will be highly visible.

  • Hands free lighting

    Our lights provide a bright LED enabling you to see what you’re doing without the need for switches. With a long battery life you can forget about your lights for months!

  • NetBright Security Lights - Talk to each other

    When one light is triggered by movement, all the lights on the same channel illuminate providing bright simple lighting over large areas.

Product Reviews

“Arrived very quickly, easy to fit and set up. Superb product!! We were going to get an electric one installed at the side of our house, it was going to work out. quite expensive due to the location of the wiring, this light fits the bill perfectly, lights up our side garden, a lot brighter than expected, looks and feels like good quality with no unsightly wires running around the house. Can’t comment on longevity yet but they look very well made and robust.”


“This is my second purchase from Mr Beams and as before am extremely pleased with the quality of the light bought to light up my drive. Installation was simple and straightforward. I would also add that their customer service is excellent, responding to my emails very quickly.”