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Inflatable Travel Pillow


With its patented ergonomic shape, this inflatable travel pillow attaches to the ‘wings’ of an airline seat, headrest of a car or can be worn ‘messenger bag style’ nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road.

  • Best Travel Pillow Award for 2022
  • Full Lateral Support for the upper body
  • Roll up design – small and easy to carry
  • Multi-use and adjustable – use across the torso or down the side
  • Promotes proper head and neck support – avoids head from falling forward

Travelling on a plane or on the road can be a real ‘pain in the neck’ – literally!  Arriving at your destination feeling sleep deprived and with stiff aching muscles is not a fun way to start  your holiday.  There are many ‘U’ shaped cushions on the market which are OK but don’t give the proper support and they slip about. Well this little beauty changes all that.

Having road tested this award winning design, with hand on heart, being a terrible sleeper on long journeys, this ticks all the boxes for me.  So what’s different you ask? Well, there are a number of design features which really made me say ‘That’s Clever!’ and deserve a spot in our collection.

To begin, it rolls up very small and there is a clip to secure the roll to your hand luggage. That’s a very important feature in my book, especially when you’re trying to find your boarding pass, or passport and the last thing you need to have in your hand is a big squishy cushion.

Now whether you’re travelling economy, or any other fancy way – the comfort you will get from this little cushion will surprise you, and your fellow passengers will undoubtedly have never seen one like it.

You’re not always going to be blessed with an aisle or window seat, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the middle.  You can wear this inflatable pillow like a sash and have something to keep your neck propped up with.  Ensuring proper head and cervical alignment it stops your head falling forward, you can avoid strains and muscle pulls.

Wearing it two ways, as a sash across your torso like a ‘messenger style’ bag and loop the cord around the wings of the head rest, or adjust the cord length and rest down the side of the body to lean into it. This is also ideal to share with your partner in this position.

Inflating this cushion is a doddle, the slow-release valve allows you to find the perfect ‘squishiness’ – is that even a word?!!  So, my fellow travellers, this cushion I can confirm is a GAMECHANGER.  The only discomfort you’ll have now is you may get woken up by other passengers to ask where you got it from!!!!!!


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