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It seems that here in Britain, we’re very much in love with our sheds. Ask any self-respecting enthusiast of the shed, and they’ll tell you that it isn’t just a handy place to store garden tools or kids’ toys – it’s also a haven, a place to escape amid the madness of the world. 

Or at least, yours would be a haven, if it was adequately lit. Giving your shed sufficient lighting isn’t just a case of making it a more pleasurable place to be, either. That’s because a murky shed can also present the risk of you tripping over something – such as a plant pot, spade or rake – that could actually cause you serious injury. 

You might well be thankful, then, for the various lighting options we offer here at That’s Clever, many of which have been conceived with the needs of shed owners specifically in mind. You may consider any of the following products, in fact… 

TC-970 – Motion Sensored Slim Safety Light 

A shed is, of course, an outdoor building, so you’ll need a lighting solution for it that can stand up to the elements. You’ll also naturally want it to be fuss-free to use, for all of those awkward trips to the shed when you simply want to quickly grab a tool or other item. 

This slim, battery-powered safety light could be just the thing. No mains wiring is needed, so you can install yours above the shed door in just a few minutes. You can also rotate the light up to 60 degrees along the base to ensure you illuminate the areas you really need to illuminate. 

The TC-970 turns on and off according to the movement it detects, while its weather-resistant locking design enables it to be used outdoors right through the year. 

TC-980 – Motion Sensored Ceiling Light 

Another great battery-powered option is this ceiling light, which offers many of the same advantages as the TC-970. Like that light, it doesn’t require any mains wiring and can be installed in minutes. It also incorporates a motion and darkness sensor, and will therefore only turn on when both of those things are detected. 

With its LED that provides 100 lumens, the TC-980 is capable of illuminating an area of 20 square metres, which should make it just fine for your shed – not least given that it’s

UltraBright Battery Ceiling Light 

We’re also pleased to be able to offer this acclaimed motion-sensored ceiling light that is as easy to install as it is convenient and helpful once you have fitted it. It’ll automatically turn on when it detects your movement, and will turn off 20 seconds after it has ceased to detect motion. 

The TC-990 – 300 provides an impressive spread of light courtesy of its reflective face design. And like the above two lights, it’s both weather resistant and capable of detecting movement, which will prompt it to switch on; it’ll automatically turn off 20 seconds after the last motion is detected.

Like the rest of our shed lighting options here at That’s Clever, the UltraBright Ceiling Light represents great value for money. It provides 300 lumens for lighting bigger areas, and you can count on the batteries lasting for six to 12 months with average usage. 

Make an informed choice from the many possibilities in our online store, and you won’t have to worry about stubbing your toe on that plant pot ever again – or not in your shed, anyway. For any further advice that you might need in relation to shed lighting, remember that you’re also welcome to contact our capable and seasoned team today.