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TC-980 – Motion Sensored Ceiling Light


Battery powered with a motion sensor that activates from up to 6m away, this bright ceiling light is ideal for attics, sheds, cupboards & garages.

Key Features

  • Bright 100 lumens
  • Easy to install
  • Motion sensored

Product Description

The Ceiling light is perfect for lighting attics, sheds, garages and large rooms with no mains wiring installed. The light comes with screws to install onto any surface required in a matter of minutes, the wireless design means the lights don’t need to be in any particular location. Perfect for areas such as attics that can be costly to run mains wiring too.

The Ceiling Light has a motion and darkness sensor and will only turn on when both are detected. Motion can be detected up to 6m away and the light will automatically turn off 30 seconds after the last movement was picked up.

The LED provides 100 lumens that will light an area of 20m² ideal for most large rooms. The Ceiling Light is weather resistant so can be used in outbuildings that are exposed to the weather.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4 x C batteries, 1 set will last 6-12 months with average usage


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