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I wanted to write about our Ceiling Lights.  You may have seen on our website that there are 3 different versions of this light.  First, we have the Original Ultrabright Ceiling Light, then we have the Ultrabright Ceiling Light with Magnetic Mounting and finally the Ultrabright Ceiling Light with Switch Pull Cord.

The Original Ceiling Light is the starting point from which adaptations have been used to create the Magnetic Mounted and Switch Pull Cord versions.

So, let me start by explaining what all three of these lights share in common and then I can go on to explain the range in more detail.

The common features are that they all require no mains wiring, run on 4 x D Cell batteries and offer an amazing 30 sq. m of light coverage.  All have a diffused face design with 300 lumens of light, meaning that although bright enough to illuminate any given area you require there is no glare from the light structure.

All versions are so easy to install in a matter of minutes and are fully weatherproof.

Original Ultrabright Ceiling Light

This is our original best-selling light and for good reason, it is so versatile and can be used in many applications throughout your home.  This battery-operated light has a darkness and motion sensor built into its structure.  This means that when movement is detected from dusk to dawn, from six metres distance the light will automatically switch on and stay on whilst movement is evident.  After 20 seconds of no motion detected, the light will switch itself off, saving you valuable battery power.

This will give you on average up to 12 months of light without ever having to worry about changing the batteries.  The unit is simple to install. After unboxing you will see the light has a base plate with screws supplied.  This base plate can be fitted in minutes wherever you need light.  The light is then twisted onto the base plate which means that when it comes to changing the batteries in the future, all you need to do is twist the light, change the batteries and twist back on again.  There is no need to unscrew the base plate.  Couldn’t be simpler!!

So many of our customers have used this best-selling design in their homes.  It is ideal for many places including attics, wardrobes, garages, sheds and all other outside utility areas.  We have many of them in our home and they all help make life just that bit easier.  One of the areas which I am thankful that this little powerful light exists, is the attic.  When you need to go up into the attic invariably you have your hands full, but with the Ultrabright Ceiling Light the moment you poke your head into the attic space,  the area is illuminated with hands free, safe lighting. Another perfect solution so easily sorted with this gem of a light.

Ultrabright Ceiling Light with Magnetic Mounting

We knew from customer’s feedback that there was a need for a light which could be mounted on surfaces other than brick or wood.  Many of our customers wanted a light that could be mounted on metal beams in garages, or on tool racks in sheds and some needed a light for a metal storage unit.

So, we adapted the Original unit and have used extra strong magnets on the base unit to solve their problem.  The base unit is magnetically attached to the required metal surface and the light twists onto the base in the same way as the original.

Still using the darkness and motion sensor, this magnetic mounted light gives all the benefit of hands-free lighting just where you need it.  With its long battery life, and easy installation, this version is the perfect light to install on any metal surface.

Our garage at home is full of metal racks, each housing an organized tray or box for all the tools and paraphernalia that most households need.  We have fitted two of these Ultrabright Ceiling Lights with magnetic mountings to the racks and these create a flood of light as soon as we enter the garage.  This illuminates the whole area of the garage and the shelves are lit up so we can easily find whatever we are looking for.  We are safe in the knowledge that 20 seconds after leaving the garage, the lights will switch off automatically and preserve their long battery life.

We are really happy with this magnetic feature – another That’s Clever problem solver!

Ultrabright Ceiling Light with Switch Pull Cord

We love to hear from our customers and to hear where they are using their lights.  Over the years we have received many phone calls from our valued customers asking if we could supply a light with a switch pull cord.  This would allow the customer to determine how long the light stays on, if they are not moving around much.

So, you asked, we listened, and we created the Switch Pull Cord version. We adapted the Original Ceiling Light and de-activated the darkness and motion sensor.  We added the switch pull cord, so now all you do is pull the cord and the light comes on, pull it again and the light switches off.

Many of our customers use this version in stables, home workshops and gyms. Many places around our homes in outbuildings etc. do not have mains wiring connected to them.  This Switch Pull Cord light is the perfect light to install in minutes to give great light coverage and provides an easy solution to dark areas.

Many of our customers are horse lovers and they wanted a light in the stables that didn’t have a motion sensor and wouldn’t get triggered by the movement of the animal and waste battery power of the light.  Simply pull the cord, get on with your work and pull the cord again as you leave. You can control when and how long you need the light for, it’s as simple as that!  Some people like to work at a bench in their workshops, if they are not moving around much then this light gives them the perfect task light to work by.  Another great solution from That’s Clever.

I hope you can see there is a version of the Ceiling Light to suit everyone, every need and every application and with the ease and simplicity of a quick fitting to give a really good spread of light to your environment.