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I wanted to share with you all some bits and pieces which we as a family have found particularly useful, especially in the kitchen.  As mentioned before, our kids have flown the nest and the presumed image of so much time for ‘just us’ as a couple is a myth.  We find ourselves not quite free after all – all those years of being looked after by our now elderly relatives have been wonderful and so very cherished, and now it’s time for us to honour that and to be mindful of their needs and safety.

Although living independently, some of our relatives are not quite as strong anymore and a few mobility issues have crept in.  As a company, we are always on the look-out for products that jump out at us and make us actually say ‘that’s clever’ or ‘that’s useful’.  So, with this mindset we naturally look for items which can enhance our own lives, because we know we are not unique and we as a family represent thousands of other families in the same situation.  Therefore, items that fit a criteria to suit our family’s lifestyle we truly believe will echo many others’ lives too.

So, the simple things in life, like making yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee is our first focus.  We tested a new innovative ‘Tipping Kettle’ that promised to use a practical assistive technology to aid that simple task. You can read all about the ergonomical design here –Tipping Kettle – That’s Clever ( to find out more about the technology behind this really clever invention. But to cut a long story short, when we first saw this revolutionary new style of kettle, our immediate thought was ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’

Such a simple idea, that really hits the problem for anyone experiencing lack of strength, arthritis or shaking hands and helps to keep them safe from scalding but at the same time it allows for that all important ‘independence’ factor.  That’s a win in my book.

So having made that lovely cuppa, you now want to carry it to your chair.  The afore mentioned problems can still be a problem.  Our next focus happened by accident.  My late mother-in-law used to drink tea by the gallon, so almost every hour of the day held a potential hazard point.  She would carry her half cup of tea on a small tray to her seat and by the time she reached said point, the half cup of tea would now be a quarter cup sitting in a hot puddle!  Are you familiar with this scenario as well?

We came across this ‘Easy to Carry Hot Cup Holder’ and were amazed at the clever physics behind this brilliant invention.  It’s a cup holder with a difference. Its special design means that it is so difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it.  You can literally swing it and the drink inside stays level and inside the mug.  Seeing is believing – take a look here Easy To Carry Hot Cup Holder – That’s Clever ( and I really hope it can help someone in your family too.  Just don’t forget the most important part – the biscuits!!!

The best things in life are often very simple.   Sometimes we don’t need the latest innovative, high technology designs but good old-fashioned ideas.  It’s the little things in life which sometimes bring the best results.  For example,  take a look at our ‘Simple Timer’.    Simple Timer – That’s Clever ( Have you ever ironed that shirt ready for a meeting, rushed out the door and halfway down the road you think ‘did I turn the iron off?’  Well, let’s be honest many of us have had to think twice about some of these mundane tasks.  There are lots of timers on the market, but some of them are so very complicated to set up and understand and require complex digital programming.  This new product to our ‘That’s Useful’ range is exactly what it says – A Simple Timer! So straightforward with a twist dial so you can choose the time the appliance stays on for from 15 minutes to 9 hours, with a repeat function if needed on a daily basis.

I’m writing this on the hottest day of the year so far and it’s hard to think ahead to the Winter months, but I know we will be using this for our Christmas tree for sure.  Never again will I have to crawl on my hands and knees to reach the socket!  There are so many uses for this little gem, from slow cookers, to irons, to mobile phones and laptops to Christmas trees – who’d have thought those words would all belong together in a sentence – the possibilities are endless.  Perfect for saving energy, preventing over-charging and most importantly peace of mind!!

Finally,  I couldn’t complete my blog of all things ‘kitchen based’ without a quick mention about my craft.  Maybe you’ve seen the sector called ‘That’s Creative’ on our website.  We not only wanted to share our finds for the Useful sector but also bring to you a creative edge.  As a keen Pyrographer (Wood Burner) I have learned lots of new techniques over the years to add a bit of flair to ‘drawing with fire’.  You may have read one of my blogs explaining my Art A Journey into the World of Pyrography by Julie Mason – That’s Clever (

I have crafted a range of Chopping Boards using hand pyrography to give a practical but artful look to your Kitchen display.  Why should practical chopping boards be boring and only have one function? Most of my customers use one side of the board to cut on, wipe down when finished then flip it over to display the beautiful scenes depicted – this gives a lovely focal point and the beauty is that all chopping boards can be custom designed if you have something special in mind.  Just get in touch and I will do my best to bring your idea to life.  For now, here is an example of one of my best selling designs – Beech Food Platter – Hand Pyrography – Mediterranean Scene – That’s Clever (

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Kitchen Blog and it has inspired you to try a few things.  Thanks again for being involved and for being part of our ‘That’s Clever’ family – it really does mean the world to us.