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The illumination of the outdoor parts of the home is something that we might be especially likely to seek to put in place for security reasons. Sure enough, the That’s Clever online store stocks plenty of related products that are great for precisely this purpose. 

The question of what exactly constitutes the ‘best’ outdoor battery-powered lighting will inevitably be answered differently by different people, depending on their specific needs. So, let’s simply look at some of the strongest contenders that you can find for sale from us right now.

Communicating Floodlight – Pack of 2 – TCN3002

What makes this high-performance floodlight particularly distinctive from the point of view of many security-conscious homeowners isn’t necessarily its stellar 500 lumens, but instead the incorporated networking technology that allows one of these lights to communicate with the other.  

So, as long as you have both of the lights in this pack set to the same channel, whenever one of them detects motion and turns on, the other one will do the same. This allows you to illuminate a much larger area at once than just one light could manage, thereby helping to greatly improve security and peace of mind at your home.

Wide Angle Spotlight – TCXT

While the above communicating floodlight is one of the most technologically sophisticated forms of outdoor battery-powered lighting we offer, that won’t necessarily make it the ‘best’ option for your particular setting and circumstances. 

Indeed, in some parts of your home’s outdoor area, you might be perfectly happy simply mounting one of these fuss-free and affordable spotlights. With its reflective face, it’s a great-value light that gives you a good spread of light, and you can install it in minutes basically anywhere, such as on a tree, fence or wall.

Ultra Bright Spotlight – TC390

Again, there’s little limit to the range of places where this light can be installed. It is, however, an especially attractive option on account of its whopping 400 lumens of bright light, which enable you to illuminate an area of as much as 30 square metres. 

As is a common feature across our range of outdoor battery-powered lighting, the TC390 spotlight only turns on when it detects both darkness and motion. You can therefore count on it to illuminate your space in the event of someone trespassing and presenting a security risk to your property.

TCN-582 – Motion Sensored NetBright Path Light Pack of 2

Paths are obviously a focal point of your garden and could be used by prospective intruders moving towards your house door. But they’re also something that you need to be able to navigate safely, and it is these two key priorities that might lead you to the TCN-582. 

These path lights are supplied with ground stakes that allow you to easily secure them into the ground. While they permanently glow in darkness, they brighten in the event of motion being detected. Furthermore, the NetBright technology connects the lights wirelessly, meaning that it only takes one of the lights to detect motion for all of them to turn on. 

Why not browse our complete selection of options for outdoor battery-powered lighting online today? It won’t take you long to discover the wealth of possibilities that such products present for maximising security at the same time as allowing you to better enjoy your humble abode.