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There are various reasons why you may wish to invest in outdoor illumination for your home – ranging from security concerns, right through to welcoming guests and making it easier for you to get around your garden late at night. 

Maximising the convenience of our own outdoor lighting solutions here at That’s Clever, is the ease with which their batteries can be replaced to ensure reliable brightness for months on end. 

But what are some of the specific items currently available in our online store that you might be tempted to consider? Here are a few of the highlights – or maybe that should be just, ‘lights’…

500 Lumen Floodlight – TC3000

When it comes to both effective and reasonably priced home and/or security lights, this floodlight option could be of considerable appeal. It incorporates twin light heads that you’re free to individually position in whatever direction you like. 

These lights provide 500 lumens of light to cover an area of up to 55 square metres, can be installed in any desired location within mere minutes, and will only turn on when they detect both motion and darkness. That makes them great for warding off any prospective intruders.

Communicating Floodlight – Pack of 2 – TCN3002

This floodlight largely resembles the aforementioned option in our range, and as with that product, the twin light heads are fully adjustable. 

But there’s a reason why we’re offering this one in a two-pack, that being the fact that each one incorporates sophisticated networking technology enabling the light to “talk” to other communicating lights set to the same channel. 

This means that only one light needs to detect movement for all of the connected communicating lights to turn on at once – making it an ideal security solution for larger areas.

Compact Path Light – Pack of 2 – TC562

As the name suggests, these are very much compact lights for the illumination of paths and similar areas such as steps and decks. 

If you’re on the lookout for battery-powered lighting for outdoor spaces like these, and you want it to be effective but subtle, these low-level lights – which can be easily inserted into the ground or screwed to fences – might be just the thing.

Ultra Bright Spotlight – TC390

From subtle, to somewhat less-than-subtle – this spotlight lives up to its billing, producing a whopping 400 lumens of bright light that is good for covering an area of as much as 30 square metres. 

You might invest in this one for the lighting of such a space as a garden, driveway or outbuilding, and it helps that you can easily mount it basically anywhere, like a tree, fence, wall or even a drainpipe. It’s also got that all-important weather resistance, and on one set of batteries with average usage, you can expect it to keep doing its job for six to 12 months before they’ll need to be replaced.

Wide Angle Spotlight – TCXT

Although it’s the cheapest of the lights in this particular rundown, it might also be the most versatile one. So even if you’re in doubt about exactly where you might place this one, it may be well worth picking up a few for installation in whichever spots you eventually feel the need for them. 

The TCXT is a wide-angle spotlight with a reflective face, and provides a good spread of light when mounted almost anywhere, such as on a tree, fence or groundstake. The spotlight automatically turns on when movement is detected from as far as six metres away, and it’ll only turn off again some 20 seconds after the movement stops. 

Naturally, the ‘best’ battery-powered outdoor lighting for your own requirements is likely to hinge on a broad range of factors, including budgetary and practical needs. That’s why we would always urge you to carefully browse our latest range here at That’s Clever for the most relevant, high-performing and competitively priced options.