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 The short answer to the above question is: surprisingly easily! But before we explain further, it’s worth taking a few moments to consider why attempting to power your garden lighting with electricity may not be the most practical or enticing idea.

The winter’s a great time to have your garden illuminated…

During the chillier and wetter seasons, the skies get darker earlier and many of us may routinely return home from work at a time that might as well be midnight. Therefore, the notion of having some motion and darkness sensored lighting installed at your property may become very attractive.

The garden can be a particular hazard when it’s dark outside. You won’t want to trip over anything while simply trying to navigate the path to your front door. This could bring the risk of you injuring yourself – and the same applies, of course, to anyone you live with. 

Then, there’s the security dimension, which is the main motivation a lot of people have for fitting garden lighting. While burglars and other intruders are never welcome, the winter is a time when it might be especially easy for them to hide in those awkward shadows in your garden, effectively going unnoticed and undeterred until it’s too late.

…and we can bring you convenient and practical solutions

Now, as you might have noticed, it’s already often quite dark outside, and if you aren’t an electrician with any knowledge of how to fit the wiring for outdoor lighting, you might be put off the idea of it before you’ve even started. That’s without even accounting for how much such mains-powered lighting could bump up your electricity bills. 

Thankfully, there’s an alternative approach you can take; battery-powered lighting. Just imagine being able to buy some standard batteries from pretty much any shop, before popping them into your garden lighting unit and having the whole thing ready and installed within mere minutes. 

Well, that’s precisely what the extensive range of darkness and motion sensor garden lighting on sale at That’s Clever makes possible – and the convenience doesn’t stop there. Our products are perfect for installing in a wide range of areas of your garden. This ensures all conceivable spots – or at least the really important ones – are well-illuminated. 

Selecting the right light for your garden

The choices you make here may partly depend on whether you’re looking to illuminate your garden mainly to make it less of a pain to navigate, or instead with the principal aim of boosting security. 

We can offer such products as the TC3000 500 Lumen Floodlight or TC390 Ultra Bright Spotlight, for instance, which offer high-quality and effective light and are easy and quick to install on walls, trees and fences – so, definitely no messing around with wiring required. 

But you can also turn to our store for lighting. These products have been specifically designed with the illumination of paths in mind. An example of this type of solution is the TC592 UltraBright Path Light, which doesn’t need any cabling – instead, you’ll be provided with groundstakes for rapidly installing them along your garden path. 

This product features motion and darkness sensor technology and 80 lumens per light. Therefore, these path lights are sure to give you great aesthetic and practical results for the illumination of your garden. 

There you have it – excellent solutions for lighting your garden. Without burdening your home’s mains electricity at all!  With average use, you can expect the batteries in these lights to last for between nine and 12 months. That means you’ll even be able to just install the lights and then largely forget about them. Right through this winter… and beyond.