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With winter coming and the skies darkening, you may have thought it could be a good idea to install motion sensor lighting around the exterior of your property. Perhaps you’re looking into such products in order to give yourself greater peace of mind about security. Or even just to make it easier for you and your visitors to get around? 

One of the main factors dictating which motion sensored lights you buy, will inevitably be where in your house or garden you intend to place them. 

As you’ll soon find out, there is motion sensor lighting available for fitting almost anywhere in an outdoor space. So, the list below of possibilities is not exhaustive. Nonetheless, it will give you some pointers for where you might be especially likely to place your lights.

The garage, shed or other outbuilding

These spaces, that aren’t part of your main house, are the most obvious places to have motion sensor lights installed. After all, prospective thieves and intruders do tend to target these spaces. Not only because of the potentially valuable items contained within them, but also due to the scope they offer for hiding out of a resident’s sight. 

If you’re seeking a no-nonsense and affordable solution for protecting your garage or similar outbuilding, you may therefore look to something like our TCXT2 Wide Angle Spotlights. These lights feature a reflective face for maximum illumination, and can be easily mounted on garage or shed walls.

Paths and walkways

Dedicated path lights, such as the TC592 UltraBright Path Lights that can be purchased from That’s Clever, help to demonstrate why motion sensored lights aren’t only useful from a security perspective. 

These particular lights incorporate both a darkness and motion sensor. This means the light will only come on in the event of both things being detected. 

Placing these lights along the garden path using the provided ground stakes will enhance the safety of your garden. Garden path lights are ideal for when it is dark, so you and your visitors can clearly see the path. 

Potential hiding places

The inclination of a would-be thief or trespasser, of course, is that they won’t want to be spotted while ‘in the act’. They’re therefore very likely to attempt to conceal themselves. In particular, in all of those awkward, shadowy spaces where you may not initially think of installing a security light. 

Not only the corners of your garden, but also trees or other objects that could obscure your view of an intruder. For example, a swimming pool, may turn out to be excellent hiding places for a determined wrongdoer.

That’s why it’s well worth investing in a motion sensored lighting solution, such as the TCES3002 EasySwitch High Performance Floodlight, that can be installed basically anywhere in short order. 

From the moment you start considering the installation of motion sensor lights at your property, you should carefully think about how both obvious and easily overlooked outdoor spaces can be adequately illuminated by whatever solution you ultimately select. 

The lighting products and arrangement that you install depends on multiple factors. You must consider whether convenience, safety or security are your main motivations for buying this lighting in the first place. Rest assured that here at That’s Clever, we will always have excellently priced, easy-to-use and technologically sophisticated solutions in stock.