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Simple Timer


Such an easy timer to set – easily control when electrical appliances are on or off.  This uncomplicated timer with a twist dial lets you control the settings from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

  • Twist dial to set timer
  • Set from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Ideal for Christmas lights on and off
  • Ideal for small appliances eg: irons and heaters
  • Once it is set, timing will repeat daily

Timers that automatically switch electrical appliances on and off are a brilliant idea.  There are lots of them on the market, but so many are really complicated and almost require a degree in engineering to understand them!  Some of them are difficult to read and require really complex digital programming.

This Simple Timer is very, very different.  It is one of those products that lives up to its name.  It has a straightforward twist dial that lets you set it from 15 minutes to 9 hours.  It has a special function which means that once it is set it can repeat on a daily basis if you so wish.

This is the perfect solution to the age old problem of leaving the iron on!  – You know we’ve all done it – or think we have at least!!  Perfect for switching the Christmas Tree lights on and off – no more crawling on your hands and knees to reach the socket.  Just set it up and it’ll repeat every day until you change it.

Maybe you need a heater to warm you somewhere.  Now they are not cheap to run, and it can be easy to forget and leave them on.  With the Simple Timer, this will turn the heater off after your choice of time, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re not wasting valuable energy.

Another great way to use this timer is with phones, laptops and personal devices.  Setting the timer means you can control and ensure that these devices do not get overcharged, preventing excessive energy from being used and may even prolong their life.

We are so pleased to have found this nifty little accessory that truly can help to save energy and give you one less thing to worry about.


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