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Floodlights are used to light the way in various different scenarios, throughout winter and in the dead of night. To determine when they should be used, let’s look at what they do. 

What are floodlights?

A floodlight is a type of high-intensity artificial light with a broad beam. The most common type of floodlight is the metal-halide lamp or LED. Floodlights have been used in sports since 1878, when a Ranelagh Club polo match in London, England first played under the lights. 

Because of their bright and wide-spanning nature, you might associate floodlights with football, rugby and other sporting events. However, floodlights can also be used for domestic purposes. 

Below, we have outlined some ways in which you can use our own high-quality floodlighting options here at That’s Clever.

500 Lumen Floodlight

A simple but effective floodlight design, the 500 Lumen Floodlight has twin head lights that can be individually positioned. This means that it can light up all directions with its wide and bright spread of light, covering up to 55m2.

This option is perfect as a security light or to light up your driveway for when you get home from work. The floodlight is motion sensor operated up to 8m, and only when it’s dark, with an auto shut off when movement stops. You can easily install it on any wall, fence, or even a tree. This floodlight is an ideal security system that doesn’t break the bank. 

Communicating Floodlight

This intelligent floodlight effectively “talks” to other communicating lights! Multiple floodlights can be connected to the same channel and communicate wirelessly with one another. This means that if one light detects motion, they will all turn on. 

As multiple lights can be connected together, you might prefer this option for the lighting of your driveway and garden. With no wiring being needed, this security solution can be a godsend for people who wish to feel that little bit safer in their home. 

EasySwitch High Performance Floodlight Bundle

This is a bundle of communicating floodlights, which makes it an even more attractive option when you wish to illuminate especially large areas. 

If you aren’t an electrician, it can seem a daunting prospect to set up a full security system. However, these floodlights are super easy to install with the provided screws in just minutes. 

This bundle allows you to link up your lights to a remote trigger and other lights on your property. The beauty about this is that even if your lights are at opposite ends of the house, when one detects movement, they will all turn on. This can therefore be used as a more comprehensive security lighting option, covering the whole of the property, both garden and driveway simultaneously. 

So, there you go – three excellent examples of when and how you can floodlights at your home. All of the products above work on batteries alone, so they won’t drive up your electricity bill, and the batteries can be expected to last between nine and 12 months before you need to change them. 

Purchase floodlights here at That’s Clever for the easy illumination of your garden, driveway, pathway, or them all, to add an extra feeling of safety around your home.