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Motion sensors – also known as motion detectors – are a form of technology that automatically detects movement. Motion sensored lights, then, can be counted on to illuminate when they detect movement nearby. 

This technology can have numerous positive effects. First of all, it can be great for helping to make your home more secure. Install motion sensored lighting in strategic locations around your house, and any would-be intruder will soon be bathed in light that is highly likely to deter them from any further trespassing. 

Alternatively, you may install lights with motion sensors at your property to make it easier for yourself or any (welcome!) visitors to find their way down the path and to the front or back door. This may be especially important to you if mobility is difficult for any of your likely guests. 

Remember as well, though, that during the winter months in particular, it might well be very dark outside your home when you return there after work. In these circumstances, you’ll probably appreciate the motion sensor detecting your movement so that you have a well-lit garden to navigate, and don’t trip up on anything.

How our motion sensored lights could make your life easier 

To gain an even surer sense of how effective motion sensors can be at taking stress and worry out of your life, just take a look at some of the outdoor lighting solutions we stock here at That’s Clever. 

Among the options in our range, for example, is the TC390 Ultra Bright Spotlight, which is an extremely versatile security deterrent. It’s easy to install within minutes basically anywhere in your outdoor space, such as on a tree, fence, wall, groundstake or even drainpipe. 

The motion sensored technology used in this product, meanwhile, automatically turns on the spotlight when movement is detected as far as six metres away. Then, once movement has no longer been detected for 20 seconds, the spotlight turns off. 

That means a motion sensored light isn’t just great for security purposes – it can also save you money, because you won’t waste energy keeping a light on when you don’t need it to be on. And with the motion sensor, it’s all done automatically, so you won’t need to bother turning the light manually on and off. 

Indeed, our outdoor security lights won’t add a penny to your electricity bill, as they’re completely battery-powered. The typical battery life for the TC390 Ultra Bright Spotlight, for example, is nine to 12 months, and it’s a similar story across our lighting range. 

You’ll enjoy broadly the same advantages, then, if you buy our TC3000 500 Lumen Floodlight, or even the TCN3002 Communicating Floodlight. The TCN3002’s use of communicating technology enables each light to “talk” to other communicating lights. So, when one communicating product detects motion, all of the lights set to the same channel will turn on to illuminate potentially your entire garden. 

Another popular motion sensored light in our store is the TC592 UltraBright Path Light. These lights come with groundstakes that make them straightforward to install in the garden, so that you can easily illuminate the pathways, steps or other hazardous areas around your property, again with the energy-optimising effects of motion sensored technology. These particular path lights detect movement up to four metres away, and automatically switch off 30 seconds after movement was last detected.

Convenience and comfort-boosting tech that’s also cost-effective 

As you can see, something as apparently simple as a motion sensored light can give you a lot of practical benefits and considerable peace of mind. It’s an economical solution, especially when you use lots of them with “communicating” capability. Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your property will be easier to get around when you’re at home, and securer when you aren’t present. 

Why not, then, begin browsing our comprehensive online range of battery-powered motion sensored lights today?