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“And let there be light!” said designers of the most high-spec floodlights around when developing their latest innovations. Motion sensor floodlights are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of enhancing property security, deterring trespassing and lighting a clear path for you when you need it most.

We’ve carefully selected and collected the cleverest, brightest and most responsive motion sensor floodlights and gathered them right here. The best motion sensor floodlights should be simple to set up, work reliably and wonderfully in any weather and provide you with peace of mind once they’re in place.

With this in mind, then, we’ve got several options to choose from, with each one available at a very reasonable cost. Rest assured that the enhanced security you can feel across your property when these floodlights are in place is astonishing.

TC-3000 – Motion Sensor High Performance Floodlight

Providing outstanding brightness, with 500 lumens of power illuminating up to 55m2 of space, this battery-powered motion sensor floodlight features dual heads for excellent, multi-directional lighting, and is ideal for your gardens, patios, driveways and outbuildings.

Also extremely lightweight, this model becomes simple to install on practically any surface and reacts to motion up to 6m away. Therefore, during darker hours, you’ll soon see your property brightened up if you step outside to visit the garage or enter a parked vehicle. With a battery life of up to one year on a single set, this model is available for just £37 plus delivery.

TC-309 – Motion Sensor UltraBright Spotlight

Available in a clean white or darker brown, this versatile design makes it easy to install on a variety of surfaces, with its 400-lumen LED beam easily angled towards any area of up to 30m2. This UltraBright model can be fully powered for up to between six and twelve months on just one set of batteries, making it a cost-effective way to add security to your property.

Its sensors detect not just motion up to 6m but also darkness, and the floodlight will automatically shut off after 20 seconds if motion is no longer detected. Also highly weather-resistant, this model, which is priced at just £28 plus delivery, can be pointed towards your parking bays, patios, decking, garden and more – and set up in just a matter of minutes.

TCN-3002 – Motion Sensor NetBright High Performance Floodlight

To turn your security lighting into a security network, you can’t go wrong with the brightest option in the high-spec Mr Beams range. You can purchase two of these high-performance, motion sensor floodlights for just £96 – but the ultra-clever network that connects these lights can accommodate up to 50 lights on just one channel.

When one of the 500-lumen floodlights detects motion up to 6m away, each floodlight on the network can be activated, providing 55m2 of light at a time. This makes the model a go-to option for larger properties and, as each device is completely wireless, you won’t need to spend time connecting them around the property. This NetBright floodlight can also be connected to NetBright spotlights – adding even more illuminating security to your property.

To view the full range of creative, useful and always extremely clever products we’ve selected for you, visit the That’s Clever website or call us on 01242 807923 for more information.