Diamond Floater Frame – ‘Rain Drop’


Using a high quality black, diamond shaped floater frame, this image of a beautiful and simple raindrop has been captured to create a truly one of a kind, contemporary piece of unique artwork.

  • Unique diamond shaped floater frame
  • Exquisite photography by our Cameraman David Mason
  • One of a kind image – a real talking point
  • Would enhance any room setting
  • Contemporary artpiece

Now this is a floater frame with a difference.  We are so proud of this creative and contemporary photography artwork.  A truly one of a kind image which took many, many trials to reach the optimum perfect shot.  David Mason, our resident cameraman has succeeded once again with this stunning photograph.

Whilst on holiday on the Black Isle near Inverness visiting much loved parents, David noticed his father’s so called ‘rainometer’ outside the picture window.  Now it’s been nicknamed a ‘rainometer’ in our family because being in Scotland the weather changes so frequently, and if ever you wanted to know if it was heavy rain, a light shower or just a drizzle, then the bird bath outside the window was the place to look.  The still waters of the bird bath are the first indicator of an impending Scottish soaking!

Sitting in the chair overlooking this Mason indicator, David noticed the beautiful effect that a simple raindrop can make – nature at its best. So, out came David’s trusty camera and he soon started snapping away.  It didn’t take long to capture the perfect and beautiful raindrop with the hazy Scottish landscape behind.

We think it’s an iconic image, truly reflecting nature and all her beauty, the perfect droplet with the stunning ripple effect.  We hope you like it too – and can appreciate the skill involved.

The photograph has been mounted onto canvas with a lovely textured finish. David has mounted his image into a diamond shaped, high quality, black floater frame which really brings this contemporary piece alive.

Suitable for any room to enhance your décor and provide a real talking point.  Maybe you have your own rainometers?  We would love to see your images too.

The frame measures 450mm x 450mm and is all ready to hang.


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