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Designed for all travellers, TripClip has no complex mechanical parts and no batteries are needed.  This sleek and compact device will secure your device when travelling so you can use your mobile or tablet easily at a position that is most comfortable for you. It has a built in large and strong magnetic surface – so you can choose either a plate for tablets or a disc for phones to easily and securely attach to the seat head in front of you when travelling on a plane or in a car.

  • Strong magnetic plate and discs for tablet and phone
  • 3 x interchangeable clip heads
  • Stylish carry case with carabiner style clip
  • Attaches easily to a range of different style seats
  • More comfortable body position for viewing videos on your phone or tablet

Such a wonderful idea for travellers of all ages.  Whether you are hoping to keep the kids occupied on long journeys, or whether you are trying to fill the time and escape the boredom that go hand in hand with long trips, this little device called TripClip is the answer to your travelling prayers and will quickly become a new way to travel.

This innovative and patented design will ensure that your hand held devices ie: tablets, kindles and phones can be attached at the perfect height on the head rest in front of you to give you a more comfortable viewing position.  How many of you get a stiff neck by looking down to view your favourite movie when you are on long journey. The perfect solution for use on all forms of public transport including buses, trains, ferries, planes and cars – world wide!

The TripClip has three interchangeable clip on heads which you clip into the device and fix to the back of the seat in front you.  Although seatback sizes often vary, this has been designed to be extremely easy to use across a range of seats. When you’re finished the device can be removed in seconds.

It comes with an adhesive metal disc for your phone and an adhesive metal plate for your tablet.  The plate has a key lock system for extra hold and protection.  These all allow your devices to be securely and safely attached so that you can enjoy your viewing at eye level and to relieve strain on your neck.

The stylish case keeps all the parts safe and secure and with the carabiner style clip it is easy to attach to your hand baggage.  It is no bigger than a standard sunglasses case so is the perfect choice for that extra little bit of comfort.

TripClip takes just a matter of seconds to set up, clip in, clip on, attach and just relax. So, if you love to travel you’re going to love the TripClip.  Now you can work or play anywhere – Happy Travels!!


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