What 3 Words

The world has been divided into a 3m x 3m grid and every single grid is a unique 3 word address. Why? What 3 Words are trying to achieve is making it easier to accurately find a location and share it. What 3 Words changes co-ordinate into 3 words and vice-versa. Addresses can be shared and found on a free smartphone app available for iOS and Android.

Not only does the map work on phones but businesses can easily embed the map and the unique addresses into their site with just a few simple lines of code. The service works offline so there is no need for the internet.

Addresses can be complicated and not precise enough or even exist in large parks etc, what 3 words can pinpoint a 3x3m square in a rural area giving an address where there technically isn’t one. There will be no more issues with delivery drivers or being dropped off at the wrong entrance to a building if this new mapping idea is used across the world. 170 countries have already adopted the method with various apps and sites

If two addresses have similar sounding words then they have been placed at opposite ends of the world to avoid confusion! The best way I can think of to use this is for large areas that don’t have an address, I can think of a number of times I’ve gone to meet friends in the outdoors and don’t exactly know where they are. What 3 words would make finding them so much quicker and easier, and can even be shared onto my phone!

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