Temperature Changing Pillow

Temperature is the key to a good nights sleep, this temperature changing pillow, Moona allows to you to keep your favourite pillow but maximises your sleeping temperature for the best nights sleep. Moona will adjust your head and neck temperatures to best suit your sleeping pattern. Not only does the pillow help you sleep it will also help you wake up naturally avoiding that nasty jolt awake from the alarm.

Moona is currently on Kickstarter but has already funded over $130,000 of their $50,000 goal, clearly, 492 people think highly of the pillow. It can be bought on Kickstarter for $249 (£189) which is down from the normal $399 (£302) RRP. It is very expensive but with that many backers, nearly 500 people think it’s worth it.

An important note to mention is that the pillow is very quiet making less than 25db (that’s quieter than a gentle whisper). There are also no electronics under your head, the pillow works with a hub unit that can be placed by your bed or bedside table, this can control the temperature manually if you wake up in the night feeling a bit of a chill. Moona can be used with your existing pillow no matter the size and has a memory foam pad with water that controls the temperature.

Users will fill out a sleep questionnaire and the pillow will optimise the temperatures throughout the night over a 10 day period. This is done by using the sleep tracker, monitoring ambient temperature and temperature changes throughout the night along with the user’s feedback within the app.

The temperature can be changed without needing the app and turning on the device at the beginning of the night also doesn’t require the app. It is easy to set up and use according to their 200 test users.

If you value your sleep at £189 then it could be worth getting in early on their Kickstarter campaign here.

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