Waterproof Matches


This small and portable case contains 25 wind and waterproof matches with 3 strike panels.  These matches have to be tried to be believed – will light in the rain and even stay alight if placed under water – they are that good!!

  • Strong watertight case
  • 25 wind and waterproof matches
  • Strike panel on the outside of the container, 2 spares.
  • Extra long matches with a burn of up to 20 seconds
  • DofE Recommended Kit

Order now to be posted out by Monday 27th June.

When you are off on your camping trip you probably won’t think about using special ‘Camping’ matches will you? But try these powerful, 100% wind and waterproof matches and you will change your mind.

25 matches are inside a small, strong watertight case which has a screw top lid which can easily be attached to your backpack or belt.  On the outside of the case there is a strike panel and with the pack you will receive two spares.

The matches are extra long and quick lighting and will perform in all weather conditions. Each match will provide a good sized flame and will burn for up to 20 seconds.

You can even light your match in a downpour, especially useful if camping in the UK!!  They are incredible and will even continue to burn if you dunk the flame in water – how good is that!

They have received the full stamp of approval to be included in the official DofE Recommended Kit – so perfect if you have youngsters taking part in their bronze, silver or gold awards.