Water Purifying Straw


An ultra lightweight survival tool with an unlimited shelf life for use when travelling and access to germ free water is an issue.  Be prepared on the move, weighing only 2 ounces this invaluable tool will enable you to drink any water through the straw, avoiding 99.99% of bacteria and stay hydrated.  Ideal accessory for every backpacker.

  • Protects against E-Coli, Salmonella, 99.99% Parasites
  • Ultralight and durable
  • Long lasting membrane microfilter
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Tested worldwide

This water purifying straw is such an easy way to look after your health when travelling abroad.  It removes bacteria and parasites (including Salmonella, E-Coli, Giardia) and chemicals.  This ingenious device allows access to clean, safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster or survival situation.  There are no batteries to replace and no moving parts to wear out, this simply does not expire.

Now you can get rid of the heavy water supplies, you can just drink from any water source with a safe knowledge of not becoming unwell.  It is an extremely lightweight design and so is the perfect water filter for hiking and camping.  Drink water straight from the nearest stream, puddle or pond.

It works by using an advanced hollow fibre membrane technology.  The membrane has microscopic pores that trap contaminants larger than 0.2 microns.  Water is able to pass through the straw but dirt, bacteria and parasites are bigger than the pores and get filtered out.  You can rest assured that you will never drink contaminated water, the filter will last up to 1,000 gallons of water – that’s enough drinking water for an individual for over 5 years. When the water stops flowing through it, then you know it’s time for a new one!

Cleaning your Water Purifying Straw couldn’t be easier.  All you do is open the caps at the bottom and top of the filter, firmly blow all the water out of the filter, leave to dry with open caps for a couple of hours, and it’s all ready for your next adventure.  That’s another tick in the box for safe and happy travels.