Sandi Hand Sanding Glove


The perfect Sanding Glove – makes your preparation work a breeze.  Excellent for detailed and general wood preparation. Just put on the cotton glove and attach the hand shaped grit (2 grades come in every pack).

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A great idea for keen DIY enthusiasts.  The Sandi Hand Sanding Glove is a great accessory to have enabling you to sand really detailed work as well as general preparation of wood.  The perfect shape for sanding spindles and other intricate areas.  The glove is made from breathable cotton and will fit an average man’s right hand.  Each glove pack comes complete with the cotton glove together with 2 sandpaper grits in the grade 80 grit and 1000 grit.  Perfect grades for most jobs.


The Sandi Hand works by using Velcro on the glove.  The grits are then laid over the top and have a firm grip.  Ideal for all types of wood preparation, car detailing, surfboard shaping and many more applications.  The ideal gift for keen handyman enthusiasts and they make the perfect accessory for your tool box.


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