Samsung Pay Is Around The Corner

There’s a rumor going around that Samsung Pay could be available this month in the UK! Yes, it’s missed the Galaxy S8 launch by a few weeks but better late than never hey? The date is speculated to be the 16th of May any of you new Galaxy S8 users keen to try Samsung Pay?

So what’s so different about Samsung Pay to the others that are available on the market? Well rather than just using NFC (near field communication) which Apple and Android Pay use. Samsung Pay will use both NFC and MST which is the same technology that is used by magnetic strip cards. You remember the really REALLY old payment terminals that you could swipe your card down the side of? Well, Samsung Pay will actually work with those.

Samsung Pay’s contactless payment method was originally released in August 2015 but it still hasn’t made its way overseas to the UK yet. How difficult is it going to be to get people already so familiar with Apple Pay and Android Pay to switch to this late arrival on the market? Assuming the rumors are true and the contactless payment app does arrrive in the UK this month we expect all new models of Samsung phones will come with the app pre-installed. Probably the best way for Samsung to grow their users if it’s already easily installed on the phone. I know I wouldn’t go and switch now when all my cards are stored on one app.

A rumor is just that though, tips have been made by two Samsung customer care reps and forwarded on to SamMobile, so is doubtful it’s a coincedence. But tips have been wrong in the past but don’t you think it’s about time Samsung bought their software over the to UK, even if it is 2 years late…

Let us know if you’ll be using Samsung Pay in the comments below.

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