Robots Beating Human Customer Service?

Customer service, something we can all get riled up by when the service is not up to scratch. We hate being on hold and even worse not actually speaking to a real human! You’ll hate to hear┬ábut according to data collected from customer service chats, AI-enabled bots will provide a better customer experience than humans in 2018. Hard to believe right?

Messaging services are increasing dramatically as a way companies communicate with their customer. On Facebook Messenger alone over 2 billion messages were exchanged between businesses and customers every month, yes every month! That’s an enormous┬ánumber and makes sense that all of those can’t be human. AI-enabled bots are being used by more and more companies and it’s because they’re smarter. I hate to say that but it is true. The data they collect and predict is far more precise and accurate than any human can ever manage in the same time frame.

Bots can learn behaviours, habits and preferences of individual customers unless you know a human with a super memory we just can’t match that, let alone message over 2 billion customers each month. There is a place for AI bots in our customer service world, however, as long as our conversation can be passed on to a real human when required. We need to feel human at the end of the day and speaking in a monotone voice do a robot isn’t human is it? I can’t say that all companies will adopt this method anytime soon, but jump forward 10 years or maybe even 5 and it will be the norm.

Let us know what you think of AI customer service?

Comment below if you think this is madness or would you be happy for customer service chats to go down this route?

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