Rivers Flooded With Microplastic

Researchers from Manchester University have recently carried out tests on microplastic levels in the River Mersey and its tributaries. Shockingly, all 40 sites were found to contain high levels of microplastic beads and fibres. It is a known hazard that plastic materials suspended in water is hazardous to fish and other marine life and can even enter the food chain.

Lead researcher Dr Rachel Hurley from the University of Manchester said: “In urban environments, microplastics may come from wastewater and sewer systems, from plastic litter that is broken up and fragmented, and even from the air.” The microplastic was found to be building upon river beds and washed out to sea during flooding events. Whilst this was only tested on one large river, it is expected that the same problem is nationwide and we could be facing a severe pollution in the British Waterways.

Some tested sites were found to have up to half a million particles per square meter, there’s no wonder some of this stuff ends up in our food chain and ultimately us. I’m sure in future years to come scientists and the population will look back at these times with a screwed up face gobsmacked that plastic was literally everywhere we look. Many efforts are being taken to reduce plastic waste globally with Britain also campaigning to reduce plastic waste. That is great for the future, but I’m not sure whether it’s safe to eat my piece of English fish in the fridge!

Let us know how you feel about the thought that the food you buy contains plastic or that the marine life around you has no option but to live amongst the plastic.

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