ReWalk robotic leg

ReWalk, the Boston-based company have been showcasing their upcoming ‘soft exoskeleton’ at a robotics event at MIT recently. The robotic leg model is still a prototype but shows the possibilities for stroke patients with the motorised pulley system helping to bring mobility back to patients legs.

ReWalk have called their robotic leg Restore soft-suit, it works with a waistband containing the motor while cables lift a footplate in the shoe and lift the entire leg in the process. The unaffected leg is monitored and synced with so that both legs work together in unison. This means the mechanics can adjust to different walking speeds. The prototype shows that the system isn’t ridiculously bulky and could actually be livable by the patients who wear it.

Restore could be a way for stroke patients to walk again with it feeling pretty close to the real thing. Robotics have been used by ReWalk previously with their robotic exo suit which was designed for people with spinal injuries.

I’ve said it before that technology and science is so exciting at the moment and combing the two together could mean endless possibilities.


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