The Return Of Google Glass

It was 2 years ago when Google Glass seemed like the latest wearable tech trend until it slowly fizzled out. Now it’s back and has clearly been worked on all this time by the clever guys and girls at Google.

Alphabet X has announced the Google Glass Enterprise Edition aimed at the business market rather than the public. Companies such as GE Aviation have been using the Google Glass within their work structure, for example, employees can watch instructional videos while the mechanic works, two birds one stone!

It can be used in healthcare by Google Glass transcribing via a remote scribe app so that doctors can spend more time with their patients. The new version of Google Glass is lighter, faster Wi-Fi has a better display and a longer battery life. The product is expensive currently at $1,500 (£1,150) but this is a small investment for the business market if it increases productivity. A much more sensible step for Google. The medical example has had cases of 20% less paperwork being required because of the use of Google Glass.

So the glasses are back, but unless you work in a company that is interested in the product, you probably won’t be seeing it yourself anytime soon.

Google Glass
Google Glass

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