TCN-200 – Motion Sensored NetBright Motion Trigger


The Mr Beams Net Bright Motion Trigger acts as a remote switch for your Net Bright system, triggering any Net Bright lights within 50 metres range.

Key Features

  • Motion Trigger
  • Easy to install
  • Motion sensored

Product Description

•Stand-alone motion sensor activates NetBright® lights
•Motion activated from 10 feet
•Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
•2 AA-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
•IPX6 rated for outdoor use
•Perfect to trigger NetBright lights from driveways or the edge of the yard
•Create up to 4 lighting zones with up to 50 devices on each within 150 ft.


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