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Mind & Body Headband


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Reduce stress and anxiety levels with our mind & body headband. Balance brain and body frequency to maximise your potential. 100% safe to use, just as safe as standard headphones!

Key Features

  • Frequency equaliser
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase concentration

Product Description

Improve your focus, sleep, learning abilities and meditation to help combat stress with our Mind & Body Headband.

How does it work?

Our emotions determine our state of mind and our body frequencies vary depending on what activity we are doing. Stress can be caused when our bodies frequency isn’t aligned with the activity we are performing. Our Mind & Body Assistant provides a digital alternative to help connect your body to the preferred mental state. It’s a digital metronome that you can control. Connect your headband to a smart phone app compatible with iOS and Android. It’s 100% safe to use and will help users to control their stress and anxiety levels and increase concentration and a calm being.

How will the Mind & Body Assistant help me?

Users can use the body assistant to calm down and provide a deep nights sleep, learn to concentrate even when the body is feeling stressed. Keep you awake even when feeling tired and the Mind & Body Assistant will relax you after a long day. Enhance your memory and learning process.

The science

Our body runs on different frequencies throughout the day, for example when we are sleeping our brains function from 1 to 5 Hz per second, while during intense concentration periods we are running up to 30 Hz per second. Generating electromagnetic pulses in the headband we use energy from your smartphone with the same power that goes to headphones. If you feel comfortable and safe using headphones on a regular basis then our Mind & Body Headband is no different. PEMT (the pulsed electromagnetic therapy) is FDA approved.

Mind & Body Headband Features: 

  • Meditation headband
  • Calm the body during stress
  • Provide deep sleep
  • Improve learning abilities

Full product specification: 

  • Colour – White
  • Power – powered through headphone jack on smartphone
  • Weight – 20g
  • Dimensions – 14cm x 12cm x 0.75cm
  • SKU – TCEE
  • Frequency range – 0.2-19 Hz
  • Warranty – 1 year


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