e-reader case
e-reader casee-reader casee-reader casee-reader casee-reader casee-reader case

iPhone e-reader case


Combine your e-reader with your iPhone, two screens allow you to easily keep track of appointments, the time and read your current book with e-reader paper. No more light glare issues when you’re reading on-the-go.

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Key Features

  • Two screens
  • Read e-books
  • Display appointments

Product Description

e-reader case

Two screens on your iPhone! Our iPhone e-reader case provides a protective case for your phone while also providing a second screen on the back of your phone with e-reader paper that uses virtually no battery, allowing the screen to always be on!

The case is compatible with all iPhone 6/6s/7/8 models (not Plus sizes). Provides a 4.3″ screen to read e-books or view other widgets that are customisable. Upload a photo wallpaper to always have on display or show the time, your upcoming appointments and alerts, or read your ebook while on the move. The 271dpi 400*800 resolution will provide an easy to read screen that doesn’t suffer from light glare like most smartphone screens do due to its anti-glare properties.

It’s easy to sync your calendars and alerts to help keep you organised throughout the day. Books can also be converted to work with the phone case, we recommend using Calibre eBook Library Manager.

One of the best protective cases on the market with millions of Micro Weave locks together to reinforce the case rigidity. So you can be sure that your phone will be protected while also offering the benefit of a second screen.

iPhone e-Reader Case Features: 

  • Syncs with calendars and alerts
  • Convert your e-books
  • Virtually no battery drainage with e-reader screen
  • Manage what is displayed

Full product specification: 

  • Colour – Black
  • Dimensions – 14.5 x 7.3 x 1cm
  • Screen size – 4.3″
  • Resolution – 217dpi, 480×800
  • Boxed Weight – 59g
  • SKU – TC-INKi7

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