Compact booster seat
Compact booster seatCompact booster seatCompact booster seatCompact booster seatCompact booster seat

Compact Booster Seat


Small compact booster seat folds in half making it 10x smaller than other standard booster seats. Perfect for travelling on holiday with kids, it adjust seat belts to meet child’s height rather than raising the child. Just as safe as standard booster seats.

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Key Features

  • Compact design
  • 10x smaller than standard booster
  • Just as safe as other models

Product Description

The compact booster seat is 10 times smaller than standard booster seats on the market but is just as safe. Instead of lifting the child to the correct height the compact booster seat does the opposite and holds the seat belt securely to the child’s hips and shoulders. It is adjustable depending on the size of the child so you can ensure it provides enough restraint if a collision occurs.

The compact booster seat meets and exceeds the R44.4 European standards for car seats. The car seat hasn’t changed for decades, this design complements both safety and convenience, keeping a compact booster seat in a handbag means that if you’re in a tricky situation such as need a taxi or bus trip unexpectedly the compact booster seat can ensure your child’s safety.

Designed for ages 4-12 and made of aircraft grade aluminum with added foam padding for extra comfort. Design folds in half making it tiny and easy to store. The booster seat is easy to use with a 3 point quick-clip system that allows children to be strapped in securely and quickly in just 30 seconds!

Why get this product? Standard booster seats take up so much space in the car, it is very difficult to get three children in the back of a car with standard booster seats. The compact booster seat is small and the best part can be taken with you on holiday or just kept in your handbag. No more awkward taxi rides knowing your child can be securely strapped down in just 30 seconds!

We are selling the booster seat in slate grey colour with 1 year warranty!

Compact Booster Seat Features: 

  • Small compact design
  • Just as safe as standard booster seats
  • Easy to use

Full product specification: 

  • Colour – Slate grey
  • Weight – 700g
  • Dimensions – 24cm x 23cm x 2cm
  • SKU – TC-MFB
  • Warranty – 1 year

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