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Interactive Cloud Notepad


Use real pen and paper while instantly sending your notes to the cloud via your smartphone. Using the pen provided you can erase notes using your microwave and reuse your notebook.

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Key Features

  • 80 pages
  • Erasable
  • Includes pen
  • Scan straight to your smart devices
  • Real paper
  • Large pages

Product Description

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Many of us still like to write things down in a notepad during lessons and meetings, people retain so much more information this way. However, we do also rely on technology to store so much information so why not add your scribbles and notes to that pile? The Cloud Notepad contains real paper and includes a smart pen that will allow your notes to be instantly sent to the cloud for you to store on your device or emails.

A Pilot FriXon pen is included and combined with the unique dot grid pattern the Cloud Notepad can pick up all your notes via your smartphone. Simply capture the grid within the app and send it off to your email, or one of the following apps:

  • One Note
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud

The FriXon pen is not a specialised pen and a replacement can be picked up at most large supermarkets.

With 80 pages within the notepad you won’t run out of space anytime soon, when the notepad has been completely filled you can erase it! Yes, it is reusable. Simply throw the Cloud Notepad in the microwave following the user instructions and you have a brand new notepad. You can do this up to 5 times.

If you want to record your meeting notes or perhaps a recent lecture on your phone, computer, emails or selected apps then the Cloud Notepad is a must have.

Interactive Cloud Notepad Features: 

  • Includes pen required
  • 80 pages of real paper
  • Easy to use app
  • Instantly send notes to the cloud
  • Links to many apps
  • Microwave to erase notepad

Full product specification: 

  • Colour – Blue
  • Dimensions – 215 x 240mm
  • Paper – acid-free grain paper
  • Erasable – up to 5 times

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