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Amber Universal Lights


Wireless amber universal light perfect for lighting stairs, hallways and bathrooms when up in the night. Motion sensor automatically turns light on/off when needed.

Key Features

  • Subtle amber LED
  • Motion detected
  • Long battery life

Product Description

Amber LED light that won’t disturb others around you when up in the night. Motion sensor will turn on amber light and will automatically turn off 30 seconds after the last motion was detected. With no wiring needed and running on 4 x AA batteries that will last 6-12 months with average usage the amber universal light is easy to install.

The perfect night light for illuminating hallways, stairs, bathrooms and any hazardous areas around the home during the night when a member of the family are up. Subtle amber LED isn’t disturbing to others and will not disturb sleep patterns. Sold in a pack of 3 for use in several areas around the home.

Product features: 

  • Amber LED
  • Motion sensored
  • Battery powered
  • Easy to install
  • Auto shut off

Full product specification: 

  • Colour – White
  • Usage – Indoor
  • Brightness – 10 lumens
  • Motion range – 3m
  • Coverage – 3m2
  • Auto shut off – 30 seconds
  • Weight – 0.14kg
  • Dimensions – 90x100mm
  • Model number – MB723A
  • Batteries – 4 x AA (per light)


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