Life Saving Inflatable!

Kingii is the smallest life saving inflatable that secures onto swimmers wrists. Perfect for those who love the water, it could be a lifesaver one day! The simple wrist clasp design allows swimmers to release the small inflatable if in danger to assist on bringing then quickly to the surface. The bag will inflate allowing you to then swim to safety or use the whistle attached to attract attention and seek help.

To use Kingii simply pull the lever on the wrist clasp which will release the small tank of CO2 to inflate the bag in seconds. Kingii is a must-have safety precaution when in the water. It can even be reused all that needs to be replaced is the small CO2 cartridges. The bright orange colour makes it very visible and a must have if found in a tricky situation while surfing or snorkeling. The amount of buoyancy provided by Kingii is enough to keep you afloat while you seek help or swim to safety.

If you love swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling or anything that involves the water then Kingii is a product you will love. It can be used by both children and adults to prevent drowning. Peace of mind is a huge factor if you or your children have Kingii on, obviously, you hope that nothing serious ever happens. But if it did you have some peace of mind knowing that they have an easy to inflate life-saving device attached to them at all times. Although it can not replace a life vest, some activities such as snorkeling just can’t be performed with a vest, Kingii is the next best alternative.

Kingii is available to buy now with two CO2 refills for €89 (£75.20) a small price to pay to save your life twice! Get yours now here!

See this video of Kingii in action from GIGadgets

life saver
Life saving Kingii inflatable


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