Instagram Stories Is Winning The Battle

Instagram Stories launched exactly 1 year ago, it was a bit controversial when first launched as a rather similar copy to rival Snap Chat’s Story feature. However, over the past 12 months, Instagram Stories has become a solid feature in our daily social media world.

In fact, users of Stories is recording 250 million daily users while Snap Chat Story is reaching 166 million. Facebook’s aim with Stories was to stop Snap Chat and win the battle, and largely they have succeeded with this. Snap Chat’s growth rate has come down from 17.2% to just 5%.

Everything about Stories is the same as Snap Chat the stickers and augmented reality filters are strikingly similar to the previous leader of social media stories. It’s easy for users to share ‘snaps’ to other social media profiles seeing as Facebook owns so many now!

Businesses are also being dragged into the Instagram Stories world with half of all businesses on Instagram produced a story in the last month. 1 in 5 businesses receives a direct message reply from an Instagram story a new and inventive way to communicate with their customers.

Is the battle continuing or is it pretty clear that not only does Instagram have more resources, users and the ability to copy fantastically or will Snap Chat pull something out the bag that is unbeatable?

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