Formula E’s New Electric Racing Car

Formula E’s new racecar has been revealed and will be put to the test in season 5. The new model the SRT05e is a completely different approach compared to the current Spark-Renault SRT_01E. The previous car had a 28kWh battery which only lasted an hour when racing. This meant that drivers had to switch cars halfway into the race. Not that great for race lovers and petrol heads! The new model has a 54kWh battery which will allow cars to last the whole race on one charge!

The new battery was developed by McLaren and shows the improvements in both rules and cars since Formula E began in 2014. The regulations used to mean all racers had to drive the exact same car. However, teams can now manufacture their own electric cars but the same carbon fibre chassis has to be used on all cars.

The new SRT05e looks completely different as it has no rear wing, it’s also completely different to the Formula 1 concept as downforce is not the cars priority. Instead, reduced drag and ultimate efficiency are what matters. The slightly futuristic design is still an open wheeled design. Interestingly it includes the cockpit ‘halo’ head protection device, this is the exact same head protection used in Formula 1 racecars, this doesn’t 100% make sense to me as Formula 1 cars go at much higher speeds?

Will you be watching Formula E?

I’ll certainly be taking a look at the new electric cars in action. Their design is unlike anything I’ve seen before and makes me feel like we’ve jumped ahead to the year 2100!

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