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‘pLaces’ are the worlds first GPS shoelaces with a global range. Losing a child can be a terrifying experience for all parents. ‘pLaces’ allow parents to easily locate their children on an app with data for the last 24 hours stored.

There are many tracking devices available but when it comes to the children’s tracking market most options involve wearing a watch or some other device, meaning that the wearable device can be forgotten or come off. ‘pLaces’ is a waterproof designed GPS tracker that goes right onto the laces, so unless your kid is walking around without any shoes when out and about then they can’t ‘forget’ their tracker.

Parents can create a safe zone around their home so the parents will only be alerted if their child wanders out of the safe zone. Alerts can be sent to the parent’s phones so they are notified instantly and can see their child’s exact location.

‘pLaces’ have a battery life of 30 days and can be re-charged meaning they can be put on shoes and forgotten about for much longer than other tracking devices on the market. Weighing just 18g the shoelace GPS will be barely noticeable on your children’s shoes.

Scarily one million children go missing every year. While a large number of these are intentional from older children, small kids do still go missing particularly when out with the family. pLaces come with one-year free network service that gives users access to all features described on the smartphone app. For peace of mind more than anything else for $66 (£50), you can fund their Indiegogo campaign here.

pLaces GPS

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