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CES is off to a grand start, one of our favourite products so far is this unbelievably cute robot dog. Sony announces the return of their robot dog, Aibo. Yes, it’s a bit of a gimmick but those eyes are mesmerising. With OLED’s they produce a life-likeness that gives the robot character.

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Aibo isn’t just cute he’s clever too. With 22 points of articulation and several motion sensors, the dog can communicate with both humans and other Aibo’s. Sony has said that Aibo will even communicate differently depending on which human it is interacting with.

There are many features in the robot dog; he’ll wag his tail respond to fuss and even sniff another Aibo’s butt, just like the real thing! Aibo knows tricks and commands which will improve as the dog is rolled out.

There’s a camera hidden within the nose of the puppy. Owners can download an app that will let them view the camera and save images to their smart device, another nice feature that I can imagine children will find wildly entertaining. I think this is more directed at children, although it comes with a steep price tag.

It currently will only be sold in Japan but for an eye-watering $2,000 (£1,480) that’s quite a lot for a fake dog. A monthly $25(£18.50) fee (I assume for cloud storage etc) is charged on top. It may have caused quite a reaction at CES 2018 and yes, it’s cute but I don’t think this is a big runner for the real world. The technology used within the robot dog is vital and shows how we can add character to robots in the future, but will Aibo be in every home, I don’t think so.

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