Bixi Gesture Remote Review

Wave your hand above Bixi and just like magic you can change your music, increase the volume, accept a call, control your tablet, control navigation apps, turn on your smart lights and so much more. Bixi is a gesture remote that makes you feel like you’re in the film Minority Report.

Controlled by a smartphone app, Bixi can be programmed to control 350+ apps and devices. With easy to use gestures such as swipe right, left, up or down Bixi can control your devices hands free. Why hands free? It’s particularly useful when in the car, hands free control is safer, or if you’re hands are a mess from cooking, decorating or working on the car, you can change your music without needing to touch your phone. Bixi is waterproof so can be used in the shower to control the radio or music apps.

One of my favourite applications of Bixi is how it can be used on motorbikes. The gesture remote can be secured onto the motorbike and can easily control your calls, navigation and music all hands free.

Bixi is charged via a micro USB and will last 1 month on a single charge and comes with a 2 year warranty.

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