Bicycle Indicators

If any of you often cycle to work, or are┬áregularly on a bicycle you’ll understand that indicating by hand on a bicycle seems somewhat outdated? Cars have featured flashing amber indicators since the 1950s, so why can’t bicycles have them too?

Our Magnetic Bicycle Indicators are magnetically attached to your bicycle’s handlebars and are even compatible with curved handles bars (up to 60 degrees). The magnetic attachment allows you to easily remove and install your indicators so as not to leave them on your bike whilst it’s locked up. The two indicators snap together to fit easily in your bag.

The design is battery operated and batteries will last 6 months, 2 x CR2023’s are required for each indicator which is easy to pick up from many retail stores. Each flashing indicator produces a bright amber light that can be seen from all angles. Cyclists can even turn on hazard lights if required, how’d you do that with your arms? Turning on the indicators is easy, simply tap the end of the indicator and it’ll begin to flash. This is an amazing new way to cycle as you no longer have to hold your arm out before a turn.

19,000 accidents involving bicycles happen each year in the UK, 75% of these occur at junctions. I don’t know about you but have you ever been turning left down a hill and have no idea how you’re supposed to indicate? My arm was out while I needed to break and I daren’t touch my front brakes on a hill! Since then I now have the indicators on my bicycle and it’s so much safer. I feel like other drivers can see my actions, especially in dark hours.

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