Apple’s Siri Speaker

We’ve already seen Amazon’s and Google’s voice assisted speakers hit our homes in a big way. Rumor has it that Apple will follow through with their own Siri smart speaker in the second half of this year. That date is just rumor which would make it in time for the Christmas rush. Smart speakers are a luxury, and not really necessary but it is cool to be able to sit there and control your home (and lazy mind)! With Apple’s Siri Speaker and rumored Microsoft smart speakers on their way the market is about to become saturated by the big players!

What can we expect in Siri?
Following the name of the Siri on your smartphone, we expect all features to appear on the smart speaker. Apple Home kit will be heavily integrated allowing users to easily control lights, thermostats, fans, and much more in your home with Apple’s Siri Speaker. The major difference between Apple’s Siri and say Google is Apple’s stubborn prioritisation of Apple’s own apps. We can only assume they will continue down this path with a smart speaker featuring Siri. Playing music, for example, can only be done via Apple Music, very frustrating when you have an entire library of music sitting in Spotify or other streaming music apps.
There are rumors that Apple’s smart speaker won’t just feature voice recognition but also facial recognition via a built-in camera. This could be an easy way to identify speakers and change settings around the home based on their preference.

Competitor Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a smart home speaker to add to the collection. The race is on as to who gets there first, we can assume that Apple’s Siri Speaker will be on the higher priced end of the spectrum, but has that ever stopped Apple lovers? Nope! WWDC, Apple’s next major conference is scheduled for June, perhaps with this will come to the announcement of Siri Speaker?

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