Amazon Launches Echo Show

Amazon is launching it’s new Echo Show an Alexa-powered smart speaker that includes a 7″ touch screen. Will this help Amazon with the battle for top market position in the world of smart speakers? We recently announced the rumors based around Apple’s Siri Speaker.

There is no UK release date as of yet but the 28th June has been set for the US and the model will go on sale for $230. The touchscreen can show results to users of questions asked or stream videos from platforms such as YouTube.

Other Echo or Alexa app users will be able to use a feature called ‘drop in’ to call family and friends. Echo Show users can use the front facing camera to perform video calls. The advantages of the screen make a world of difference for user interaction. Amazon Show users could connect the Echo Show to security cameras and simply ask ‘Alexa, show me the front door’ for a live feed. Prime videos and photos can be displayed, along with weather reports and shopping lists.

The Echo Show is available for pre-order currently only in the US and the model is available in either black or white, it is speculated that it will be widely available in time. Will the Echo Show keep Amazon at the top of the food chain? Currently, eMarketer estimates that Amazon will control 70% of the voice-controlled speaker market this year.

We can imagine in the future a smart TV like a giant version of the new Shoe model controlling the entire house at just the sound of your voice. So, would you be interested in the new Echo Show? Let us know below, does the screen benefit you or is it at least a step in the right direction? We will keep you updated when a UK launch is on the horizon.

Amazon echo show
Amazon Echo Show

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