A Wireless Attic Light

Attics rarely have lighting and if they do it’s a dull single bulb and you can never find the switch. A wireless attic light could make your attic clear out much easier. A bright LED ceiling light that can be attached to any surface in your attic in just minutes. The bright LED will provide more than enough room to light an entire large attic.

The battery-powered light will last on average 6-12 months with average usage. Average being it turns on around 10-15 times a day. I don’t know about you but I don’t go into an attic 15 times a day so the batteries would last well over a year. That’s amazing! With a motion and darkness sensor, the LED attic light will only turn on when both movement and darkness are detected. Now an attic is always dark, but you could use this light in a shed, garage or even an outbuilding, the light won’t come on during the day. Motion can be picked up within 5m of the light, it automatically turns off 20 seconds after the last movement was detected.

Why do you need an Ultra Bright attic light?

Running mains wiring to an area of the home is expensive. A battery operated alternative is affordable and dead easy to put up. All screws are provided so within minutes you can have the light installed. Attics can be dangerous, a bright LED light will help you get in and out safely without any nasty tumbles. And lastly, something we can all relate to (if you have an attic). How many times have you hunted and hunted for something to never find it and just give up? Well, a bright LED light will help you actually see what you went up there for in the first place.

Yes, this light is absolutely ideal for attics. However, I also think that they are particularly useful in sheds or garages and walk-in cupboards, the large light span will easily light the inside and again mains wiring is rarely connected to sheds or garages. I bet if you think about it there is somewhere in your home you could do with one. Just have a think, a large cupboard you can never see into, or perhaps a wood store? Or do you parents have an attic that this would be useful in?

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