A Glimpse At CES 2018

That time of year has arrived when thousands of companies, start-ups and tech-heads pile into Las Vegas for the CES 2018 (The International Consumer Electronics Show). That’s Clever will be giving a roundup of the latest tech reveals, product launches and the ridiculous inventions we see every year.

What’s That’s Clever most excited about in CES 2018?


I’m most excited about the new developments in AR (augmented reality) we recently mentioned an AR ring that blew our minds, read our article here. Virtual reality (VR) is already becoming old news despite only really entering the market in 2014, that shows how fast-paced our technology industry has become.

Health Monitors

Wearables are exploding at the moment, you probably have one on your wrist right now. Health wearables are becoming more popular, CES is the perfect platform to showcase the latest in the health wearable market. There are 51 wearable exhibitors this year, but don’t worry we’ll keep you updated with the cleverest bits.

Electric Cars

Yes, we’re a big fan of Tesla but they can’t be the only major players that have the fancy showcases and stunning electric cars. We’ll be bringing you news from all the electric car start-ups such as Byton that aim to rival Elon’s success.

Google vs Alexa

The battle is still on, CES 2017 was Alexa’s year – but rival Google is still putting up a fight! Google’s artwork quantity hints that the fight to control your home is still on between these two giants. Let us know in the comments which team you’re on, Google or Alexa?

The Damn Right Weird

One of my favourite things about CES is the wacky and wonderful inventions you see. Some of them we laugh at – then roll round to the following year and their actually a success. Some, will always just provide entertainment, we will not forget to include some laughs with these questionable inventions.

What excites you about CES 2018? You don’t have to be there to experience it, That’s Clever will bring you the best of everything thing ‘clever’.

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