5G Heading For The UK

Networks have started an auction bidding to launch 5G in the UK, the auction is expected to last several weeks. Philip Marnick, Ofcom’s spectrum group director has said “This will benefit today’s mobile users by providing more capacity for mobile broadband use. It will also pave the way for 5G, allowing operators to launch the next generation of mobile technology.” Now, this is great for faster networks. But, as I sit here now my phone currently reads 2 bars of 3G… I don’t live in a city no, but I’m also not in the middle of a field somewhere, in fact I think I sometimes get better signal than that from the middle of a field. Don’t we think we should improve the existing networks before we launch into a new one?!

I can’t be completely sinical though 5G is supposed to help with the new modern facilities cities are introducing such as autonomous cars, 5G will be able to help cars communicate with traffic lights and other vehicles. The first commercial 5G services are expected to launch in 2020.

Who’s in the bidding war?

O2, EE, Three, Vodafone and a new player to the market Airspan Spectrum.

Do we need faster speeds? Do customers actually want to pay more for faster networks when what they already have isn’t bad? The auction is expected to raise much less than the 3G bidding war which totalled £22.5 billion for the 3G licenses.

I’m still moaning about my slow 3G connection, make 4G available for the whole country then tackle 5G.

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