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That’s Clever visited the Gadget Show Live in March and one of the latest gadgets that caught our eye was, Neit Luggage. For those of you that live in the city, or have limited storage space in your home you’ll know how frustrating and difficult it can be to store suitcases. My cupboard at home is like a game of Jenga with bags!

Néit founder Christian had exactly the same thought when coming up with the idea for the world’s first smart, collapsible luggage. The suitcase can collapse down to 30% of its original size when not in use.

Neit Luggage 2

Why’s it called a smart case? It’s not just because it collapses down to fit neatly in most storage spaces Néit Luggage even has GPS built in (optional) to track your luggage! Remember all those visits to airports where you have been waiting for your bags only to realise they’re probably still on the other side of the airport, and you could of just chilled and had a coffee? Now you can do just that knowing exactly where your bags are. It’s a clever security feature if you loose your luggage, Néit has helped make travelling less stressful.

Néit sell 90 (£345.00) and 38 (£328.00) litre bags both have a digital weight scale in the handle, are waterproof, 4 foldable wheels for easy movement and storage. The bags are a little expensive at first thought but when you realise how much easier this will make city living and travel work hand-in-hand together; we think it’s worth it.

We can’t just say that’s clever storage, because it’s clever travelling too, and something that should become a familiar product in airports.

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